Butthan history & heritage seminar at kallayni university, India.

17 March, 2019

In response to an invitation to speak about the Butthan sports and it’s heritage from the head of the department of history, Kollyani University, India global Icon Grand Master AchariyaYureeVajraumunee, the super human as seen on discovery channel delivered the speech as the  key note speaker. Students of the department of history, emfil scholars and the member of facility were present during the seminar. AchariyaYureeVajraumunee mentioned that all forms of systematic art of self-defense or martial arts evolved from south Asian reason in his speech. He also added Bodhi dharma carried the art ofself-defense from kanchipuram, India to Henan province, china in 52080 A.D. Bodhi dharma’s father was the third king Sungdha of kanchipuram, Bodhi dharma is highly respected for his unique wisdom techniques & Zen philosophy. The presentation raised a lot ofcuriosity about the lost heritage of south Asia. Head of the department thanked for AchariyaYureeVajraumunee’s global initiative to revive the lost heritage of south Asia through Butthan movement.

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