Butthan Seminar at Nepal

17 April, 2019

Students Of   Kings college, Kathmandu Nepal gathered at the auditorium to enjoy the presentation given by instructor Rahul Amin Junu (4th degree black belt) &other Butthan Instructors followed by a speech on the south Asian Heritage &Butthan sports movement was given by Global Icon Grand Master AchariyaYureeVajraumunee, the Superhuman as seen on discovery channel, The students expressed their interest to join the Butthan program and were highly excited by watching the Discovery Superhuman show and the Real life Superhuman just amongst them.  The press men were also highly impressed bythe amazing presentation and the students demanded to have anButthan training facility in their campus which was later appreciated by the college authority as well. Acharya YureevajramuneeSecretary General, International Butthan Federation, after an interesting Q&A session the students cued up for selfie & autograph.

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