Butthan Sports Q & A With Armed Forces Officers

17 March, 2019

A talk and Q&A session held at Jessore Cantonment (55 div).Grand Master AchariyaYureeVajraumunee, the super human as seen on discovery channel was invited to conduct a talk about super human’s inspirational journey of life . Officers gathered at the golf club hall room to listen to the legends outstanding achievements andVINCOISM philosophy. A Q&A session also give a scope for the arm forces officers to know further about his mission and goals . Coffee and snacks were served at the session closing. It may be mentioned Vincoism is about winning over yourself , going beyond personal limit or surpass the set limit.Vincoism doctrine founded by Acharya YureeVajramunee based on his unique and indeed iconic inspirational concept and motivational philosophy of ATTO-UTTIRNNOTA. The Sanskrit word ATTOmeans Selfand UTTIRNO means Go beyond or Succeed. The doctrine speaks of availing the opportunity laid open to further improve ourselves by embracing the Tao of excellence through challenging one’s personal limits with certain vision followed by Transformation ,attaining Self-mastery and then going beyond with a higher cause of life.

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