Butthan’s Kicking Method Wins Superhuman Title Accolade

22 March, 2019

Being noticed by the incredible kicking prows of Butthan, the Discovery Channel scientist team invited Grand Master Acharya Dr. YureeVajramunee to join the “Superhuman” showdown selection process worldwide. In the process of semi-final and final selection, he was chosen as the strongest shin-kicker of the planet, considering his outstanding psychophysical ability and shin-kick prowess. During the selection he was subjected to extensive medical test and laboratory experiments, Dr. YureeVajramunee was asked to get ready, at which point he started focusing on Butthan Meditation and at that stage the Magnetic stimulator sent an electric impulse through his body while Vajramunee engaged his leg connected with the Dynamometer in action. the monitor displayed that Vajramunee  was able to engage 96% of his muscles fibers were recruited on command from his brain. The power of the mind control is being displayed in his unique ability to recruit the maximum amount of muscle power on command. This was surprising to the Scientists who conducted the experiment and far exceeded their expectation.

Vajramunee was selected and featured on Discovery Channel as one of the top five Superhuman of the world in Strength category. In May 2012, American Scientist Prof. Greg White said, “What we saw with MAK Yuree is that he can actually recruit virtually all of his muscles. Strength or power production is about not only the size of the muscle itself, bigger muscle, more power. It’s actually about the amount of muscle we can recruit consciously with our brain.” Discovery Channel’s message was “MAK Yuree’s massive leg power is incredible.”

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