Seminar On “Butthan And The South Asian Heritage Of South Asian Art Self Defense & Bodhi Dharma” The 8th Sseasr Conference

17 March, 2019

The eighth SSEASR( South& Southeast Asian Association For The Study Of Culture & Religion ) conference on reverse & religion : connecting cultures of south & southeast Asia held in June,2019. A regional conference of history of religions ( IAHR)  member of CIPSH under the auspices of the UNESCEO . Secretary general International Butthan federation conducted his seminar with the title “The Heritage Of South Asian Art Of Self Defense & Bodhi Dharm” representingSATYAPON SHIKSHASRAM . He mentioned during the seminar that Indian subcontinent is also the home to a variety of fighting styles. Śastravidyā (knowledge of weaponry), dhanurvidya (science of archery) – which is described in Vishnu Purana as one of the traditional eighteen branches of “applied knowledge”, kalarikalai (the art of the battleground), tarkappukalai (the art of self-defense) are described in the ancient Indian literature in detail. In addition, quite a lot of descriptions on fighting techniques are found. We know that many seals reflecting the oldest evidences of human body-mind training were discovered at the Indus valley civilization sites. Like in many other branches of art and knowledge South Asian region took a lead and brought the Art of Self-defense to the light in the World. Over the centuries this field of knowledge gradually lost its trail. This amazing time-honored heritage of Martial art dissolved in to the pages of history and turned into a very little known fact. Today Butthan combat system & sports raising the lost South Asian flag of heritage, known as the noble art of stopping-fight and enlightenment.

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