Training Camp at Indonesia

16 March, 2019

Butthan training camp was organized by Indonesian Butthanfederation  at Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The local sports authority patronized the training sessions. The camp came to an end  with the speech from the director ( west Kalimantan), Ministry Of youth & Sports. The Butthan camp was full of young sports enthusiasts and most of them was promising future Instructors to lead the Sports training in future.

An informative audio Visual presentation on the Butthancombat sports was given by the secretary general of  Global Icon Grand Master AchariyaYureeVajraumunee, the super human as seen on discovery channel. Metro Television broadcasted a special feature on the Butthan Sports and the news papers also printed the news with importance .Somenews papers also covered about the Acharya YureeVajramunee’s Superhuman feat and world record. The Director spoke highly about the Butthan Sports and expressed to extend all his support to continue the promotion of Butthan in Indonesia. TV channel, Metro TV& leading newspapers also covered the event as well.

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