International Butthan Federation

World's First Combat Sports To Introduce CO-COMPETITION System


The Aims of IBUF are:

  1. IBUF is independent autonomic main sports organization which mainly is supporting the promotions & development of Butthan movement all over the world.
  2. To popularize & supervise Spots Butthan Internationally and to ensure the growth based on Olympic Charter with regard to anti-doping controls.
  3. To promote Butthan sports to Inspire . Motivate and Empower citizens with Physical and Mental balance all over the world under the principles and articles of World Butthan Foundation
  4. To promote an overall development of Butthan and the competitive sports within the member countries and to carry on propaganda for the sports’ importance and advantages.
  5. To Promote Excellent Sportsmanship, Brotherhood and Global Peace supporting the United Nations Charter aligned with the UN office on Sport for development and Peace (UNOSDP) as well.
  6. To engage and award IBUF membership to more new regions and nations.
  7. To supports social movements like Blood donation, fighting against Drug & Tobacco, tree plantation, etc all over the world.