International Butthan Federation

World's First Combat Sports To Introduce CO-COMPETITION System


Oldest possible art on this planet can be simply termed as the Art of self-defnce or art of survival. Though history of human warfare dates back to the Epipalaeolithic to early Neolithic era. The evolution of Martial Art started with the inspiration of personal development besides the popular understanding of Fighting forms. In 520 AD the systematic Martial Arts had a historical shiftfrom Kanchipuram, India to Shaolin temple , Henan province ,China.Bodhidharma was the Prince of king Sugandha ,Kanchipuram, India and he mastered the self-defence arts , along with higher psychophysical and spiritual training systems. He went to China as per his master Praggatara’s desire. There Bodhidharma ended up at the famous Shaolin temple where he taught the monksabout special breathing, meditation and historical eighteen hands exercises which later on was transformed in to Shaolin’s glorious form of Martial art. Bodhidharma thereby known as the modern father of systematic form of self-defence.His contribution and philosophy is mentioned with importance in Chinese literature and history books as well.. The Indian subcontinent is the birthplace of systematic forms of self-defence or martial arts and was nourished at Shaolin temple the cradle of Martial Arts. However, over centuries this art from the Indus valley civilization lost its heritage as the thriving ground for martial arts. After two and half millennia, Global Icon Grand Master Acharya Yuree Vajramuneethe Superhuman as seen on Discovery channel with his dedicated research & development (R & D) created an international movement to revive that heritage of martial arts under the glorious flag of “Butthan”. In 1996 the International Butthan Federation was launched from Houston, Texas, USA. Bodhidharma introduced rich psycho-physical training to the Shaolin monks which was vital in strengthening the internal and external organs. Gradually through Buddistreligious  mission and trade relations Martial art started to spread from Shaolin temple to the various groups and countries with different identities.