International Butthan Federation

World's First Combat Sports To Introduce CO-COMPETITION System


Butthan College of Physical Education & Sports Science

Is situated in the City of dream, Panchagarh of Bangladesh with the view of World’s highest Mountain Himalaya at the horizon. Definition wise probably we can consider this as the World’s first Combat Sports based Physical education college to award formal graduate degree. Internationally acclaimed Martial Arts Grand Master Acharya Yuree Vajramunee the Superhuman as seen on discovery channel conceived the idea first and founded this unique Institution with the recognition from National University of Bangladesh. The college apart from awarding Bachelor in Physical education aims to generate a special environment based on ancient Indian subcontinental heritage of education and inspire the teachers and students to achieve Psycho-physical transformation and be enriched with ultimate essence of personal development through learning challenges.

This Sports Science college besides the students from different districts of Bangladesh also welcome interested students from other countries to come and to be a part of such life changing teachings and attain the opportunity to grow further towards higher plains with values and success. International Butthan Federation shall also provide necessary assistance for attaining Black Belt ranking in Butthan in parallel to the BP.Ed degree certification from the National University.

In future this institution’s vision is set to develop world-class athletes, Instructors and researchers and contribute in the development of the global peace, health and brotherhood.