International Butthan Federation

World's First Combat Sports To Introduce CO-COMPETITION System

What is Butthan?

Butthan is the Martial Art is a Martial arts and as well as a modern day safe combat sports with south Asian heritage. Butthan is a time honored heritage, the science of realistic self-defense solution and life changing personal development system, apparently called the noble art of stopping- fight and enlightenment from the motherland of Martial art –the then Indus valley.

Butthan is a Bengali word means defense with distinction or  revealed Truth or Awakening or Re-energize which came from its Sanskrit root.  Butthan is a time honored heritage, a South Asian Martial Art also practiced as a Combat Sport, a realistic system of self-defence and personal development . Apparently its called the noble art of stopping-fight and Enlightenment. Butthan is a popular combat Sport in Bangladesh & approved by the National Sports Council , Ministry of Youth & Sports Bangladesh . It produces physical, mental ,Emotional and spiritual (Choturdasha) balance, through a process of inculcating self-discipline and pragmatic restructuring of personal nature. Butthan is a Bangladeshi Martial art relating ancient South Asian heritage, developed by Internationally acclaimed Grand Master Acharya  MakYureeVajramunee the Superhuman as seen on Discovery Channel. The style puts special emphasis on using mind consciously to initiate Physical movement (Mon-Chala) to achieve the best possible result in shortest possible time. Butthan focuses on the enrichment towards living one’s life to the fullest through putting body mind and spirit in balance beyond the physical skills only. Jhalak-Khela : the mental test under stressful situation and a distinctive feature of Butthan combat Sports. At the end of every co-competition the participants greet each other and respectfully shares their strength and weakness of skills known as ARPAN. Butthan revolutionized the Sports World through introducing the  unique way of Co-competition.  International governing body IBUF ensures the growth of this Sport based on Olympic Charter  and aligned with the UN office on Sports for development and Peace. Butthan is the first combat Sport in the World to uniquely include intelligence test directly in the competition system.

Inspired by the doctrine of Grand master Acharya Yureevajramunee’s iconic motivational philosophy of Vincoism, It produces physical, mental , emotional and spiritual balance, through a process of inculcating self-discipline and pragmatic restructuring of personal nature.Butthan way of Self-defense (PayatAtma-raksma) and Self Development (Atma-unnayan) is a progressive, benevolent and pragmatic new age system. This art of self-development is actually the attribution of modern science, principles of Psychology, Trigonometry, Anatomy, Physiology, Organic Science, Logic, Nervous Systems, Siddha Medical knowledge blended with selected techniques from the ancient Indian, Chinese, Burmese and Tibetan Unarmed and Weapons Combat Systems for achieving desired ends.

Though IBUF prefers to use the term Co-competition rather then competition.

The four pillars of Butthan are :

  1. SPORTS (Krira)
  2. SELF-PURIFICATION- Attosuddhi
  3. WELL-BEING- (Kallayan)
  4. SELF-DEFENSE (Atmaraksa)


The system of Butthan Martial Art helps to empower life, attain better health, fitness, self-defense, confidence, leadership, develop moral values in life, and as a part of social development motivates the youth positively to be a responsible citizen and a sound human being.

Butthan Martial Art raises the modern day flag to revive our lost Martial Arts heritage in the pages of world history. The Butthan system of Self-defense is a combined scientific approach to self defense based on ancient Indian sub-continental self-defense forms and Vedic psychophysical development systems.

It is also a culmination of real life experiences and scientific principles combining the essence of ancient arts like Varma Kalai, Bando, Vajramushti, Tibetan & Chinese Kempo, Ming Jing, Bansahy, Vajrapran, Lathi-khela and other selected strategies. Apart from physical techniques, the disciplinarian, philosophical, ethical expressionistic and meditative aspects of Butthan are vital features for one’s development. Butthan Martial Art teaches the Art of Pressure Point Killing & Healing through identifying the ‘Varmams’ (vital points) on the human body. Using varying degrees of force to strike the body at different vital points, producing amazingly effective results and is a craft of the masters. When used by a trained expert, striking, slapping or touching the ‘varmas’ from various angles can cause instant death, slow death, paralysis, rupture organs or can cause great pain. At the same time a seriously injured person can be revived using ‘varma’ points, which are treated with massages, Siddha oils and herbal medicines. A timely touch, a slap or a gentle blow on specific ‘varma’ points can kill a person, or save a dying man.

Butthan emphasizes to cultivate and promote sense of Human Integrity, Righteousness, Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Moral value, Psycho-physical Fitness, Concentration as desired to fight against drugs, alcohol, immoral activities and business, to help to learn to attain a peaceful and graceful life. Butthan continues to contribute more and more for one’s self development, for humankind and for peace.